Hi! Welcome to my little fantasy spot!

It's my pleasure to tease and fulfill as many fantasies out there as I can. If you're here, you obviously love pantyhose and legwear as much as I do! I've been wearing pantyhose faithfully since I was young...they were practical at the time, but I started noticing the effect they had on others! Then my journey began! I'd wear skirts and sexy clothes all the time...work, play, leisure...and always found a way to incorporate hosiery into my wardrobe. I loved how guys (and sometimes girls) would stare at my legs!! Seriously it was a huge turn-on thinking of the naughty thoughts going through their heads. Later, when the web was in full force, I was inspired by the true greats who paved the way for pantyhose and nylon lovers everywhere! I'm talking about Brianna, Izzy, Dawn, Sammi, Brandi, Adrianne...the pioneers!! With their inspiration, and my sexy, naughty mind, I hope to bring back some small piece of pantyhose heaven to the web! I hope you enjoy my pics as much as I enjoy taking them!!

This is an amateur site, but my work ethic is purely professional! I'll keep updates coming and try to fulfill as many requests as I possibly can! I'm so happy you're here! Welcome!


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What they say about me

  • Chris
    I just want to tell you thank you for the beautiful pics. You are truly and amazing pantyhose goddess!!
  • Eric
    I love your style and pantyhose
  • James
    I just had to tell you how absolutely stunning you are! Truly you are a pantyhose goddess!
  • Derek
    Hey Brianna!  I have to say, you're drop dead sexy in your hose!

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